Top Running Tips for All Ages

The beauty of running is that you can do it anywhere and throughout your life – as long as your joints cooperate. The list of reasons to run is always growing and this past year more than ever. With lockdowns around the world and people struggling to cope with stress and anxiety, a safe and easy option is to lace up your sneakers and go for a jog.  

Whatever your reason is, we’ve got running tips to keep you healthy at any age and guidance on getting your kids into running. 

How to Get Kids Running 

Most children have the urge to run as soon as they have mastered walking and usually, it’s in the opposite direction of their parents. In fact, this may be one of the first times you do sports with your kids: chasing them down the sidewalk or through a park. 

Being active with your kids is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. You’ll teach them to love what their bodies are capable of, which will keep them healthier throughout their lives.(1) The most important thing to remember here is to make it fun. If you’re a runner and you dream of running with your child in a few years, start with games like tag or kick a ball around. 

Research shows that 15 minutes of running several times a week is a healthy way to…

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