Top 3 15-minute Workouts ► Running Edition

Only got time for a 15-minute workout but want to go running? These 3 short running 15-minute workouts will help you get the most out of your time.

What are 15-minute running workouts good for? They give you a training stimulus even on days when you really have no time. Even though these 15-minute workouts are super short, they help you get your heart rate up in a very short time. This is a super-efficient way to keep getting fit! “I don’t have time” is no longer a valid excuse to not workout! 

15-Minute Workouts to Keep You Running Strong

Grab your shoes and go…these workouts include a warm-up and a cool-down, so no preparation needed!

1. 15-Minute Interval Run

How to do the interval run workout:

Warm-UpMain SetCool-Down5 minutes easy run / light jog6 x 30 seconds intense (90%) with 30 seconds pause5 minutes easy run / light jog

The main part of the workout consists of 6 intervals with 30-seconds of running/30-second pause each. The 30-seconds of running in each interval should be done at a very high intensity that makes breathing feel challenging. The only way to go faster would be to do an all-out sprint! Learn more about interval training benefits and how to set it up in the adidas Running app.

2. 15-Minute HIIT Workout,…

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