Tonal vs Tempo Studio: The Best Smart Home Gym Showdown!

The Tonal and the Tempo Studio are both super smart home gyms designed to be all-in-one solutions for the tech-savvy trainee.
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Tonal is marketed to strength-minded individuals thanks to its innovative digital weight system that allows for up to 200 pounds of resistance. Tempo, on the other hand, is all about free weights and versatility. Both deliver elements of a personal trainer in their own ways: Tempo with its real-time exercise corrections and Tonal with auto weight control and spotter mode.

Ultimately, they aim to accomplish the same goal: Get people fit using technology to reinforce good technique, automatic workout logging, and much more.

But which system does it better? In this review, Coop and Amanda, one of our GGR fitness writers, go head-to-head to answer this question.

*Amanda Capritto is a certified personal trainer who holds several industry credentials in corrective exercise, functional training, and more; she also is a certified deadlift enthusiast.*

🔥 Tonal vs. Tempo In-Depth Comparison:

👉Full Tempo Review:

👉Full Tonal Review:

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0:00 – Tonal Vs. Tempo Smart Home Gym Showdown
0:22 – Overview
1:18 – Tonal Review
1:48 – Tempo Studio Review
2:20 – Tonal’s “Digital” Weight Vs. Tempo’s “Analog” Weights
4:13 – Live Programming Comparison
5:45 – Limitations To Consider
7:37 – Pricing and Add-Ons

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