Tips to Stay Fit and Safe

Is it safe to run during the first few months of pregnancy? This is a question that ultimately, all women must answer for themselves. Do your research, get recommendations, and listen to medical advice. Here we will provide some guidelines to help you get informed.  

There is unanimous agreement within the medical community that no woman should start running during pregnancy. As an experienced runner, it’s safe to continue your normal routine through the first thirteen weeks of pregnancy. However, before you jump back into your normal running routine, have a talk with your doctor and gynecologist first. In addition, it’s important to be tuned in to your body, and how you’re feeling during runs. 

Adapt your regimen 

First and foremost, running during your pregnancy should be something you enjoy. This is not the time to be pushing your boundaries on speed or endurance. Listen to your body and adapt your routine as often as needed. 

If you experience shortness of breath or stomach pains, stop training and call or text your doctor right away. Keeping an open line of communication with the medical professionals in your life is extremely important. 

Essential pregnancy running gear 

 During pregnancy, women’s bodies…

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