These Pro Skiers Want You to Stay Home and Flatten the Curve

Whether as a conduit for connection, an outlet for goofy joy, or simply an intra-venous delivery system for news, we’ve all been attached to the internet lately. All of us wish we were out skiing—and ski filmmakers are in a particular conundrum.

With feature film projects on an indefinite hold, athletes and filmers are struggling to find outlets for their restless energy at home. So when the United Nations put out an open call to produce PSA videos for specific communities, Level 1’s Josh Berman had the creativity and the rolodex to create one for skiers.

CA Governor Lays Out Plans to Eventually Lift Coronavirus Restrictions

We talked with Berman about how this video came to be and what he’s working on while quarantined.

POWDER: So, what has your world been like since everything shut down?

BERMAN: I’m in Denver, and we’ve seen a lot of crowds. It’s 75 degrees and sunny and you can hear groups of people partying from my house. People are antsy and pretty bad about staying home. We’ve obviously been in the news lately for crowds in the backcountry.

But I’ve got friends here in Denver who run a production company called Image Brew. They were sitting on a request for a…

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