The Small Space Workout (Train in Any Room)

So it’s time to exercise, but you’re confined to a small space?

No problem!

In our Online Coaching Program, where I’m a senior coach, we help folks work out in whatever nook and cranny they may have available. Today, we’ll share these tips with you too.

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And no, we won’t make you shrink like Ant-Man to do your workout.

Here’s what we’ll cover today:

Let’s jump right in!

How Much Space Do You Need to Work Out?

“Baby, air and light and time and spacehave nothing to do with itand don’t create anythingexcept maybe a longer life to findnew excusesfor.”

– Charles Bukowski


“Space, the final frontier” 

– James Tiberius Kirk


When it comes to working out in a small space, the first obstacle you have to overcome is your mindset:

You may find yourself thinking, “I can’t work out in this space.”

We want to flip this to “I get to be more creative in this space.”

This may seem like a minor change of perspective, but oftentimes the most important part of overcoming a challenge is adjusting our mindset. I see this over and over again with our coaching clients. 

So Step 1 for our Small Space Workout is becoming…

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