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The Echelon GT+ (plus) is a new and improved version of the highly popular Echelon EX-15 on amazon. In this video I show you around the echelon GT plus including the good and the bad.

Echelon EX-15: cheaper version on amazon
Echelon EX-15 review:

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Womens TIEM clip in shoes (spd):
Video on pedals/shoes:
How to clip in/out (video):

Mens shoes recommendation (spd):
Shoe option (cheaper):

Popular accessories for indoor cycling:
Wahoo Cadence sensor:
Scosche Rhythm+

If you’re looking for a peloton bike alternative this echelon bike is a great option that allows you to peloton digital app classes on your own tablet at a lower price than the all access membership on a “real” peloton bike.

I have many more echelon vs peloton videos as well as reviews on other indoor exercise bikes on my channel.

0:00 color options
0:47 appearance
2:00 hand grips
3:11 handlebar adjustments
4:20 weight holders
4:40 better seat
5:26 tablet holder
6:16 pedals
6:44 drive train
8:28 size specs
10:25 resistance knob
11:03 ride comments
12:45 max resistance
13:28 mobility detail
14:35 metrics
16:47 final thoughts..(read more)

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