Maximum heart rate, target heart rate zone, resting heart rate: You’ve probably heard all of these terms at one point or another, but is it really clear what they mean and why they’re important?

Maximum heart rate and resting heart rate can help you easily and accurately calculate your heart rate zones.

Whether your goal is to stay healthy for your family or to achieve a breakthrough performance, this easy-to-use heart rate zone calculator is a great tool for your fitness journey.

Why is resting heart rate important and how to calculate it

Your resting heart rate is exactly as the name says – your heart rate when you are at rest. The best time to test your resting heart rate is right when you wake up in the morning. 

How to find resting heart rate in 4 easy stepsPut your left pointer and middle finger on your right wrist (palm facing up).Place the two fingers on your radial artery, which is in line with your left thumb. You may need to feel around to find your pulse.Count the number of times you feel your pulse over 15 seconds. Multiply that number by 4 to find your resting heart rate in beats per minute (bpm).

Did you know that…?

Resting heart rate is a really good indicator of fitness level. The lower your resting heart…

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