The Cure for Ruts is Curiosity

25 Jan The Cure for Ruts is Curiosity

The Cure for Ruts is Curiosity

One of the cures for boredom or “ruts” is CURIOSITY and EXPLORING.

And… it doesn’t have to be big huge ginormous activities or new adventures…

– Taking a new route– Trying a new recipe– Doing a different workout– Walking through a new neighborhood– Conversing with a new friend– Helping someone– Dancing in your living room– Learning a new skill

Yesterday was day 8 of my 30 day expansion challenge. My husband and I ventured to Coronado and explored.

20 years ago when Brooks was serving in the US Navy he lived there. It was a much smaller island town then as he explained…

He showed me the 420 square foot home he lived in.

We walked the trails he used to run on.

We drove around the base he did Navy Seals training at.

We had the most amazing Mexican food for lunch at Miguel’s Cocina.

We had the BEST gelato at the Del Coronado.

We sat at chatted on the rocks and took in all the views.


And once again my question to myself was “WHY had I only been here so few times before?! It’s only 30 minutes from where I live.”

We all stay so routine.

We walk the same walks, drive the same routes, wake up…

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