The Best Tool to Meet Health and Fitness Goals

A mindfulness journal isn’t like the diary you kept as a kid. It’s a tool to help you set goals and intentions for your day and check in with yourself. It helps you bring attention to what is going on in your mind and body while giving you a space to process the emotions of the day (if you need to). Keeping a mindfulness journal can also help you to declutter your thoughts and find more peace in the present moment. 

Why Should You Keep a Mindfulness Journal 

We spend so much time worried about what will happen in the future and obsessing over things that have happened in the past. It’s easy to lose sight of what each day has to offer. Also, keeping a mindfulness journal can help you keep your health and fitness goals top of mind. Whether you’re working on completing a new workout program, improving your nutrition, or just practicing good mental health habits, a mindfulness journal can serve as a daily reminder to stay focused. 

How to Keep a Mindfulness Journal 

Keeping a Mindfulness journal doesn’t have to require a lot of time or effort. In fact, the key to building any new habit is to start small. Take 5-10 minutes in the morning to jot down a few notes about your intentions for the day. In the evening, take…

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