The 3 Biggest Myths About Running in the Morning on an Empty Stomach

Running on an empty stomach – yes or no?

There are lots of different opinions on this topic. For some, it is a regular part of their training, while for others, working out on any empty stomach is out of the question. In today’s blog post, we are going to look at the three biggest myths and show you the truth behind them.

1. “Working out on an empty stomach leads to muscle loss”

The general opinion in the gym is that working out without breakfast leads to muscle loss. But don’t worry, your muscles won’t disappear right away.

It is often wrongly assumed that without food intake, the body lacks the necessary carbohydrates and glucose (sugar) for a training session in the morning. According to this view, the body is forced to break down muscle protein to get the energy it requires.

So in other words, the body loses muscle. But this is not exactly 100% accurate: The body stores glucose in the form of glycogen (stored form of sugar) in the liver and muscles. Over the course of the night, the body’s levels of insulin (which helps cells absorb sugar and inhibits fat loss) and liver glycogen decrease. But the body still has the muscle glycogen stores. So when you start your morning run, your body initially gets…

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