Here’s my review of the CAR.O.L (Cardiovascular Optimization Logic) interactive #HIIT bike that uses artificial intelligence to figure out how hard to push you in every ride; giving you a high-intensity #workout with only 40 seconds of hard work (which the makers say is as good as a 45 minute jog) – and you don’t even sweat.

The company loaned me the #bike to test out across eight weeks while I was at home during San Francisco’s shelter-in-place order that was triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak. 

This video also features insights from CAR.O.L’s CEO, Ratna Singh, on how the bike gets to know your ability, the science behind it, and why she believes humans are better suited to high-intensity interval exercise instead of lengthy cardio sessions.

If you’re craving a bike like this – you can use the discount code HEALTHHACKERS at the CAR.O.L checkout (UK and USA) for £150 or $150 off. Here:  

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