In sports, safety always comes first. Jewelry has to be taken off as it might get tangled up in your apparel or equipment, leading to injury. A tattoo, on the other hand, does not pose a risk to athletes as it’s under the skin. Just be sure you don’t expose a tattoo to direct tanning light. If you have a piercing, however, you should always take it out before doing sports to minimize the risk of injury.

Piercings & sports

Just like dangling earrings, a piercing on any body part can get caught up in your fitness apparel, hair or sports equipment. Depending on the position of the jewelry, it might squeeze or pinch you even if you just twist and turn your body. This is not only uncomfortable, but also bears a small risk for injury. The piercing channel could slightly rip, leading to an infection in the worst case – even if you’ve had your piercing for a long time.

Good to know:

In order to avoid this, take out all piercings when doing sports, even if the pierced body part does not play a central role in the movements you will be doing.

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