Take Action, Even When You Do Not Feel Like It

14 Apr

Take Action, Even When You Do Not Feel Like ItPosted at 06:40h in Motivation by Natalie Jill

“Natalie motivate me- I just never FEEL like it”… ok hate to break this to you but PLEASE STOP waiting to “feel like it” because that won’t appear

You may never “feel” like working out, eating healthy, starting that new business, leaving that toxic relationship, moving…

How you FEEL is legit but it will not CHANGE THINGS.

What CHANGES things? Taking action EVEN WHEN YOU DO NOT FEEL LIKE IT. Even if it is small actions.

Want to shift things?

Do this:

Decide what you want and WHY you want itGet CLEAR on your vision for yourselfRecognize the beliefs that have been holding you back and then…Then most importantly… MOVE FORWARD.Take actions daily towards that vision.

EVEN SMALL ACTIONS daily towards your goal will get you there.

Waiting until you “feel like it” won’t work

Waiting until circumstances are perfect won’t work.

Taking small actions daily despite NOT FEELING like it is what moves the needle.

ESPECIALLY when you don’t feel like it.

You’ve got this XO,

Natalie Jill


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