Swimming Workouts as Winter Cardio Alternative

Winter offers some new cross-training alternatives like cross-country skiing or ice skating. However, winter also makes it more difficult to run outdoors. The temperatures outside are colder, and it gets dark earlier.

This is why many runners look for alternative cardio possibilities in winter. Swimming workouts are great options. Swimming workouts burn tons of calories. Swimming workouts engage many different muscle groups. The water supports a good deal of your body weight, making it a low-impact form of exercise for those with delicate joints or coming back from a running injury.

Why Swimming Workouts are a Great Cardio Alternative

Swimming workouts burn an average of 500-800 calories per hour. The number depends on the correct execution and speed of your movements (muscle activity). Athletes new to running can also benefit from swimming workouts to get in more cardio without risking a running injury. 

Basic Endurance Swimming Workout10-minute warm-up in a stroke of your choice.5 minutes of accelerations over a defined distance (25, 50 or 100 m). Start off slow and steadily increase the pace until you reach your maximum speed.10 minutes of drills to improve the efficiency of your technique. These include exercises designed to…

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