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21 Apr Surrendering

Posted at 18:14h
in Motivation
by Natalie Jill

Last September, on my 48th birthday, I got the word “surrender” tattooed on my right arm. It was my first (and only) tattoo. I did it for ME to remind myself that we can’t control so much and that the best way through things is to SURRENDER.

My birthday tattoo day self did not know that I would months later tear my distal bicep on that same arm and need surgery and months of rehab.

I did not know I’d have two new prominent scars on that same arm as that tattoo months later. BTW I asked my surgeon to please not cut into my tattoo. He told me to surrender lol.

I did not know I’d lose the ability to eat with a fork or handwrite with my dominant hand due to the severe and painful nerve damage.

I did not know at that time our world would change as we know it with a virus that would spread around the world.

Dang I’m glad I see that word every single day. Surrender means so much to me. It reminds me daily to control only what I CAN control and surrender to what I cannot.

I can control when I wake up. I can control what I eat. I can…

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