If the word supercompensation has you confused, don’t worry. You’re not alone. After 50 years of scientific study, there is still debate over how to apply the theory. It’s easier said than done. Here we have simplified the science so you can master the art.


Supercompensation is the theory that after training, the body recovers above and beyond pre-training fitness levels. This adaptation is the essence of physical training and enables us to improve our fitness. 

4 steps in the Supercompensation Cycle1.      Training

Whether tricep dips or triathlon, the first step to improving fitness is training.

2.      Recovery

Training causes fatigue (e.g. dehydration, glycogen depletion, muscle micro-tears), which requires time for recovery.

3.      Supercompensation

Following training and recovery, the body recovers beyond baseline (pre-training) fitness levels in anticipation of future exercise.

4.      Detraining

Use it or lose it! Detraining is the natural decline in fitness that follows supercompensation. If no further training takes place during the supercompensation phase, the body will return to pre-training fitness levels.


Our bodies are constantly aiming at equilibrium. This state of…

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