Sunset Walk at Fletcher’s Cove

04 Feb Sunset Walk at Fletcher’s Cove

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by Natalie Jill

Sunset Walk at Fletcher’s Cove

We’ve been together 11 years, married for 6 and sometimes we forget to “date” each other.

It so easy to become routine.

Schedules, being a mom, work, being “tired” I forget that it doesn’t need to be a lot of time, but rather MORE PRESENT with the time.

Another perk of my expansion challenge that I committed to is I’ve been doing more / exploring more/ venturing out more / with my husband.

I’m realizing how it can be the LITTLE moments.

For day 17 of my expansion challenge it was nothing huge… just a short sunset walk with my husband at a park I’d only been to maybe 3 times in the 17 years I’ve lived in San Diego. Once again, I did not “feel like” venturing out.. but I’m so glad that I did.

– Walk– Talk– Sunset watching– And trying to take a photo together

I’ve got a super fun (all day) expansion planned for day 19 (tomorrow) no idea as of right now what I’m doing for day 18 today. This has been part of my challenge- learning to surrender and go with the…

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