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The Stryde Bike is an indoor exercise bike that comes with a 22 inch HD UNLOCKED/open-platform tablet that allows you to download and run any app of your choice. Unlike just about every other indoor cycling bike that comes with a tablet attached, you DO NOT need to subscribe to the Stryde app in order to use this bike and tablet with any app of your choice. In this Stryde bike review we first take a look at how to use Stryde with Peloton Digital App, and then look at the components of the bike, and then I explain how the drivetrain and resistance on the bike feels. Chapters are listed below.

0:00 start
4:43 component analysis
7:50 size, height, max weight
9:00 adjustability, seat
10:19 weights, waters
10:41 handlebars, metrics
11:55 Q Factor compare
12:56 RIDE
14:15 bike noise example
14:30 low resistance
15:21 high resistance
16:20 medium resistance
17:13 flywheel mass comments
17:54 screen comments
20:10 Heart Rate Monitor
21:38 final thoughts

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