Strode Rover Limited Edition E-Bike: Rayann Dsilva Review

Meet one of our first customers at Strode, Rayann Dsilva.

He’s a fitness enthusiast residing in Mumbai, practicing real estate. He’s passionate not just about health, but also about the environment.

Rayann had been looking for an e-bike for quite some time before he decided to own a Strode E-bike. We still hear Rayann vouching how “this is the best” e-bike that he has come across. Here’s him looking forward to everyone making a positive change in the future of travel.

The Strode Rover is an e-bike that’s all about an uber powerful design, super sturdy tires and an evidently futuristic built. The maximum range that the Strode Rover can hit is 60 km on full throttle. The Strode Rover is a mountain bike that’s built with a 7 Speed, Shimano Tourney derailleur and carries a standard warranty of 1 year.

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