Have you ever tried to hit a target weight or train for an event that’s months away? Exercising with a goal in mind is great for motivation but when the goal is distant, it’s not easy to stick to your training plan.

Streak running is gaining momentum as a simple, effective way to increase motivation and get you running more! Here’s the science behind the streak:

Streak running…

…has nothing to do with football pitch nudity and everything to do with running every day, day after day. Officially a run streak must be at least 1.61 km (1 mile). Your streak is the number of consecutive days you completed this minimum distance. You can run anywhere, anytime – even on the treadmill!

Daily habits have immense potential to improve our health, and physical activity is an essential part of a healthy daily routine. Exercise can improve sleep, reduce stress, promote weight loss, and lower the risk of diabetes and cancer. (1) But did you know that these benefits are significantly increased through consistent, regular exercise?

Streak running is a great way to build consistency into your training – and your life!

Benefits of Running Every DayThe Virtuous Circle

Many runners find it easier to stick to their daily run than skip days and…

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