Sole SB900 Exercise Bike Review

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The Sole SB900 is one of our Best Bikes in 2020. It is also our Best Buy Bike for its quality frame and affordable price. Sole has a reputation for building high-quality fitness equipment and the SB900 is no different. It does not feature some of the updated tech found on more expensive bikes, but it is a great option for indoor spin enthusiasts who just want a quality bike that doesn’t need WiFi, an internet connection, or to be plugged in.

Sole SB900 Features

Bike Features

Heavy duty steel construction
The SB900 is a well-engineered spin bike. It was designed by both indoor and outdoor cyclists. Steel tubing with aluminum shroud makes Sole bikes sturdy but still lightweight. The overall design is simple and streamlined for cycling enthusiasts.

SPD/Toe Clip Pedals
You can clip in via SPD cleats on one side, or ride a flat pedal with cages on the other. Both options hold your foot in securely while riding so you can maximize motion through that pedal stroke. By clipping in or using cages, you can pull up at the top of the pedal stroke to better engage the glutes and hamstrings as opposed to all downward, quad-dominant motion.

Front Mounted Transport wheels and Rear balancing feet
Wheels under the front stabilizer allow you to tip and roll the bike out of the way when not in use. Grippy feet under the rear stabilizer hold the bike securely so it doesn’t rock during your ride.

48lb Chrome-Plated Flywheel
A heavy flywheel makes all the difference! When riding a stationary bike, the front wheel doesn’t move with the same momentum as it would outdoors. If the flywheel is not heavy enough, it makes the pedal stroke feel heavy and jerky as the pedals lose momentum in the rotation. A weighted flywheel glides smoothly as the energy from your pedal stroke creates kinetic energy in the wheel.

The forward inertia keeps the wheel spinning evenly throughout the rotation so there is no jerkiness in the pedal stroke.

3″ X 4″ LCD Integrated console displays heart rate, RPM, Time, kCal, distance, and speed
The LCD display provides a nice readout of your ride metrics. It is large enough to see, but not so big it gets in your way. Sole machines are not designed to feature a lot of tech.

Eddy Current Magnetic Resistance
Magnetic resistance is ideal on an indoor bike. The magnets create external resistance on the flywheel without any actual friction, so there is no wear on pads or the wheel. This prolongs the life of the flywheel and makes it so the pedal stroke is nearly silent. Braking is quiet as well.

Resistance Knob
This is the only aspect of the SB900 I would improve. While the resistance knob gives the rider a tactile feel for how much resistance they add with each turn — there are no digital resistance buttons. This makes it slightly more challenging to move between levels quickly and consistently.

Comfortable Handlebars with extension grips
SB900 handlebars offer multiple resting points and feature a lightly coated spongy grip for comfort. This grip material won’t harbor bacteria and is easily wiped off.

4 Adjustment Points:
The ability to adjust the bike four ways is vital to finding the correct fit. You can move the seat forward/aft and up/down. You can move the handlebars forward/aft and up/down. This allows riders of all sizes to find the fit that works best for them.

Lifetime Frame Warranty
A lifetime frame warranty reaffirms Sole’s commitment to quality products. These are solid, well-built machines that Sole expects to hold up to regular use.

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