Skyrunning Adventures: From Injury to Inspiration

Written by Holly Page, adidas Terrex athlete

We’ve all had little accidents; tripping over a stone, crashing into a branch or falling down a muddy slope. These minor incidents are usually just an occupational hazard, all part of being a runner. You can usually tell who the off-road runners are by the scars decorating their legs. After 20 years of careening up and down mountains doing what’s called skyrunning, I’ve certainly got my own fair share of injuries, in fact I sometimes question whether I’ve gone above and beyond my lifetime quota of running-related battle scars. When I lived in France, my friends called me “Madame Catastrophe”, a nickname I have unfortunately continued to embody. 

Scars tell stories 

Each scar has its own tale to tell. “Oh that’s from a rock that got stuck in my arm when I fell on a race descent”, “This one is from stitches in my knee after falling on the tricky descent of a Scottish Champs race”, “That one is from tripping over a rock while running through a freezing blizzard on Mt Kenya”, “Ohhh, that’s from when they thought I’d broken my leg in a skyrace in Andorra”, “That long line down my shin? Oh that’s the remnants of five stitches after I lost a battle with…

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