Ski Workout: Training For Ski Season

The colder months are fast approaching, and as the temperature drops, the winter stoke starts to rise. If you want to make the most out of the ski season, there are a few exercises you can start doing now that will help ensure you’re in top shape before the slopes open. 

Ski and snowboard fitness is built on three pillars; balance and coordination, muscular strength and power, and muscular endurance. Improve all three, and you’ll see a big difference in your abilities on the mountain. Whether you plan on hitting the backcountry or sticking to the groomed runs, start preparing now using these exercises.  

How To Train for Skiing When you should start: When is your first ski day? Start incorporating these exercises into your workout routine about eight weeks before you plan to hit the slopes.How often you should workout: It takes about 5 minutes to complete one round of these exercises. Start by integrating three rounds into your workouts three to four times a week. Increase the number of rounds as your abilities improve.Don’t forget about cardio: You’ll need a certain level of cardiovascular endurance to take full advantage of your ski days. Be sure to continue boosting your heart rate with activities like running,…

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