Should I Go Back to the Gym When It Reopens? (Gym Safety)

Gyms across America are slowly starting to open back up.

Is this safe?

Should you go?

We’ve been flooded with questions on gym safety from our Online Coaching Clients, so we decided to dive into the topic today with this guide.

Learn how NF Coaches are helping clients train during the pandemic.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Important Notice: I am not a medical doctor! This should not be taken as personal advice on whether you as an individual should go back into the gym. I’m merely creating a discussion on the questions all of us should be asking.

In addition, with friends who are both scientists and doctors, and then others who are small business gym owners, this is a challenging thread to navigate. So we’re just going to stick with the facts.

Talk to your physician and blah blah blah, you’re an adult and you can make your own decisions. 

Okay, let’s get right to it.

Is It Safe to Go Back to the Gym? (Gyms as a High-Risk Environment)

Even before our recent pandemic, many gyms weren’t exactly the cleanest.

One study went out and tested common surface areas in four different gyms, and found that 25% contained ant-resistant bacteria, flu viruses, and other pathogens.[1] 


Dr. James Voos, the senior…

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