Schwinn Airdyne AD7/Pro:
Schwinn Airdyne AD2:

Why I Love My Schwinn Airdyne AD7
Quiet – This bike is a lot quieter than the old style Airdyne I’ve owned in the past. I can ride it without bothering someone in the other room (unlike my old Air dyne)

Pre-Programmed Workouts – It’s very easy to start a quick workout with two clicks. The high intensity interval training programs are a great way to get the heart rate up initially or between strengthening exercises.

Solid Build – The Schwinn AD7/pro is built to last. Heck, you can easily find a 20 year old Airdyne that will still give you a good workout. But if you want a quiet, solid bike that feels sturdy and supportive, the AD7 will give that to you.

Comfortable – The wide seat on these bikes is definitely more comfortable than a standard bike seat. However, the newest AirDyne seats are very comfortable and can be adjusted in four directions quickly and easily.

Multiple Handle Positions – I’ve been using the AD7/pro since 2019 and really enjoy the different handle grip options. I think people who suffer from various wrist pain or tennis and golfer’s elbow will appreciate the ability to change grips, which was a nice addition to the AD7/pro…(read more)

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