SCHWINN 111446-001 Airdyne Pro Exercise Bike Review

SCHWINN 111446-001 Airdyne Pro Exercise Bike Review
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Schwinn’s classic AirDyne has been reimagined to offer even more powerful results, as well as increased difficulty and personalised strength. Schwinn’s latest AirDyne Pro features a powerful 26-blade output fan and a single-stage belt drive that uniquely leverages your effort to produce resistance. That is to say, your strength keeps you in control of your force at all times. For more resistance, pedal faster, and then slow down to recover. From starting or rehabbing exercisers to professional athletes, this legendary bike will fulfil their needs. Take on HIIT with low-impact, total-body exercises that motivate you to put in the most time to get the best performance. The standardised rail and clamp mechanism allows you to swap in your own bench, and the oversized, cushioned seat features biomechanically correct alignment for proper knee placement. MultiGrip handlebars provide comfort, and stationary anti-slip foot pegs separate the upper body. The motivational tachometer displays RPM, heart rate, speed, watts, and calories to help you keep track of your success. With a double-coated steel body and moisture-repellent frame, this tough workhorse will withstand a pounding for years.

What makes this product a smarter choice?

The Schwinn Airdyne Pro has an advanced 26-blade output fan and single-stage belt drive that responds to an exerciser’s strength and helps to minimise wasted energy for more productive, successful workouts. Other bikes with chain drives use two-power transmission mechanisms, which means your energy must be transferred from one chain to the next, potentially resulting in power loss.

Number 2: Long-Lasting Success: The Airdyne bike’s long-lasting performance is due to its strong, commercial-grade construction. The Airdyne Pro bike has a moisture-repellent chassis to withstand the hardest sweat sessions year after year, thanks to its double-coated steel body. The frame platform is fitted with longitudinal reinforcement and four touch levellers for maximum stability.

Number 3: Smoother and Quieter Motion: The Airdyne Pro’s commercial-grade belt drive eliminates the frequent noisy noises and jerky action associated with chain drive systems, resulting in a quieter, more enjoyable exercise.

Number 4: A single-stage belt drive provides immediate activation and a smoother, more powerful, and reliable workout.

Number 5: Progressive wind resistance equipment to address the needs of anyone from beginners to professional athletes suffering from injuries.

Number 6: The Airdyne Pro bike’s custom-designed 26-blade fan allows consumers to consume more calories at the same RPM as a leading rival fan bike.

Number 7: The console has a tachometer that shows you how hard you’re working out, and is a great motivator to get you to bury the needle.

Number 8: HIIT programmes with built-in tasks, such as 20/10 or 30/90, will help you achieve better performance.

and a whole lot more…

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the variations between ad7 and adpro, for example?
The AD7 is a residential model, while the ADPro is a commercial model, so the interior elements are designed for commercial gym use.

Question #2: Do you sell iPad holders or other accessories?
We don’t have any. The AD Pro does not come with a tablet holder.

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