Your entire world changes when you become a parent. One of the biggest challenges is finding time for yourself. Stroller running is a great way to stay active and healthy while introducing your baby to the joys of fresh air and fitness. Many new parents have questions about how to start running with a buggy safely. We’re here to tell you how to make it work. 

Running with a Buggy: FAQsRUNNING WITH A BUGGY: FAQS

1. When can I use a running buggy?

Your baby should be able to hold its head up and sit on its own, since most jogging strollers don’t fully recline or offer the proper support for an infant. A jogging stroller is not recommended until the baby is at least 6 months old.  

2. How can I make it fun for my child?

If you want this to work for you, it has to work for your child first. Get your baby used to stroller running with short distances first. Choose your routes based on what might be fun for your child. Run to a playground, take a break and let your child out of the jogging stroller to crawl around and play, then pack them up and run back home after they’ve tired themselves out. 

Pro tip:

The secret to happy parenting is scheduling. Schedule your run just before naptime. If you’re running on a smooth surface,…

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