Winter season is cold season. Many runners often ask themselves the following questions: When can I exercise after a cold? And how do I do it without suffering a setback (i.e. getting sick again or injury)?

How Do You Get Back to Running After Being Sick?

Many runners try to make up for missed workouts right away, so they can pick up their training where they left off. But this is exactly what you shouldn’t do because it will only lead to sickness, injury and/or overtraining.


You can’t make up missed workouts.

What you should do instead is reorganize your training schedule if you want to exercise after being sick or get back to running after a cold. 

Trying to pick up where you left off after a break of several days or even weeks would be too hard on your body. The risk of suffering a relapse is too high.


You need to make sure you fully recover from a cold before you start exercising or running again. If you’re not sure if it’s time yet, you should probably get your doctor’s approval before starting up again.

Returning to Running: 6 Tips for Exercising after a Cold

Everyone’s body reacts differently to training. So before you start running again or start the training plan below after being sick, you should…

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