Runner’s Diet: Race Nutrition for Runners

“Ready… set… go!!!” Your last supper before running your race is a big bowl of pasta; the next day you prepare with a nutritious breakfast. Maybe you snack on a few power cookies or half a banana 20 minutes before the start.

You’re off to a good start! However, if you want to improve your pace during the race and reach your goal time (or even set a new personal record), you should take diet into consideration in the initial training phase – not just the morning of the race. Your diet throughout the months of training determines your performance in a race.

Researchers from Aalborg University in Denmark found that leisure runners finished a marathon faster when they had prepared a professional nutrition strategy for before and during their race. They focused on an increased liquid and energy intake during the competition and were 10:55 minutes faster on average.

Bottom line:

Make nutrition a priority when training for a race to up your mileage.

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