Rise of The Fit Pros

10 Jun Rise of The Fit Pros

Posted at 13:56h
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by Natalie Jill


** Note, this is a GUEST BLOG from my friends Eric and Chris Martinez

How to Create More Income, Influence, Impact, & Independence Through In-Person & Online Personal Training

Now Is The Time To Rise as a Fit Pro. You are probably questioning that and saying, “you guys are crazy.”

We get it, there’s a lot of uncertainty right now, your questioning should I stay in the fitness industry. Why did I get that certification? I should have gone online sooner? I don’t know where to even begin now.

This is something we heard a lot of from our Fit Pro students in our programs when this all happened until we put them at ease and an amazing game plan.

But after 12 plus weeks of being quarantined, you need to make a decision on whether you want to still be a fitness professional and serve or move on from the industry for good.

Because you the fit pro are facing a new landscape going forward and it’s time to ADAPT! It’s time to Accept that things are changing, we are facing a recession, and you need to have an online training…

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