Review of Sportneer bicycle trainer stand

I am especially impressed by the ease of use of this bike trainer stand. From opening the box to turning the pedals took about 4-5 minutes and set-up could not have been easier, particularly for a bike with quick-release wheels so no tools are necessary. It involved nothing more than replacing the quick-release axle from my wheel with that supplied with the trainer stand, slotting the bike into place and securing it a large lever clamp then placing the front wheel on the supplied non-slip wheel pad. Rear wheel resistance is set by adjusting the resistance wheel until it just touches the bike tyre and resistance is adjusted via a dial which clips onto the front handlebars.

Once set up, the bike feels completely secure with no wobble and pedaling is just like being out on the road. There is inevitably some noise from the rear wheel but even when used on a lino-covered suspended floor, it was little more than a low hum. Resistance adjustments via the dial were very effective and particularly noticeable on the upper three levels. It doesn’t include any sort of bike computer for calculating cadence, virtual speed or distance covered but should work with a simple wireless bike computer fitted to the rear wheel. The front wheel doesn’t rotate but remains held securely in a wheel pad with non-slip feet.

I’m not a sporty or athletic cyclist but a leisure cyclist who enjoys touring and occasional bike-packing, ie camping with my bike. I miss it during the winter months in the rain, fog, cloud and murk then every spring always feel unfit. This indoor bike trainer now allows me to use my familiar bike year-round, whatever the weather without it being an effort or time-consuming to set-up. The more sporty will probably choose to use it for speed-training and as an alternative to visiting a gym – so it is useful for all fitness levels and for any bike with 26-29″/700c wheels. When not in use it folds to a neat, compact size (56x46x16cm) and can be easily stored under a bed.

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