REEHUT Indoor Exercise Bike Review

This arrived in a large branded box with a simple image of the cycle on the outside. I opened this at the top, turned it over and slid the contents out which were protected with polystyrene, foam and plastic, I thought it well packed and protected. The assembly manual is fairly easy to follow and you are provided with all the tools to assemble along with the batteries for the LCD display.

After getting everything unpacked I started the assembly, I found this very straight forward and it was actually quicker than removing everything from the packaging. Once the assembly was complete I thought it had a good weight to it and it sits nice and solidly on the floor with the two wheels on the front making it easy to move around when needed, and rubber pads to protect the floor. The finishing all looks very good without any rough edges or flaws and I like the look of the finished product. The pedals feel a bit lightweight and I didn’t think the saddle was the best although these items could be changed quite easily as they are standard fittings. The LED display is quite good and easy to switch when in use, the phone holder works well and I am also able to fit my 10” android tablet into it. I thought the adjustment worked well as it goes low enough for my wife to use who is 4ft 8” and for myself being 6ft, and I also found it very easy and quick to adjust.

I have been using this daily since it has been built as has my wife and eldest daughter, I do a lot of cycling but far less in the winter so was pleased to try this out. I found it certainly gives me a good workout and the tension/resistance adjustment works quite well along with being well located making it easy and quick to adjust, this also doubles as the brake. I did think the saddle was a bit uncomfortable and have since switched it for a spare one I had which is a lot better. My daughter and wife like it and have been gradually building up their times and distances along with feeling the benefits.

Overall this does not have all the features and functions of I high end exercise bike but it performs the basic function very well allowing you to get a good workout, it sits nice and solidly and although the LED display and functions are fairly basic they do give a good indication of how well you are doing. I may well change the pedals for larger and sturdier ones but the ones provided do work fine but in my opinion are more suited to smaller feet. I wasn’t keen on the saddle and have changed it although the one provided works perfectly fine, I just didn’t find it very comfortable. Overall I think this is a good solid exercise bike that performs well.

About this item: REEHUT Indoor Exercise Bike

Solid Structure Brings A Smooth and Safe Cycling Experience: Scientific and solid triangular frame, thicker frame steel tube, 270 lbs max support, high stability. Available for warm-up or intense training, for better workout results.

Adjustable Seat and Handlebar for More People and Cycling Postures: Fully adjustable seat with 8 gears, moving forward, backward, up and down, heights 75-95cm (29.5-37.5in). Adjustable handlebars with 5 levels allow up and down movements, heights 88-98cm (34.6-38.6in). Adjustable distance between the seat and armrest allows more family members to use it.

Smooth and Quiet: 31 lbs flywheel provides any required resistance for family fitness. The integrated resistance adjustment and brake button design, rotary resistance adjustment and pressing emergency brake bring you a carefree cycling experience. Transmission system of Aluminum belt with quite smooth and quiet, maintenance-free and worry-free belt driven mechanism. Steel pedals with adjustable belt can prevent cycling mistakes and have a long life.

Wider and Thicker Soft Seat: Delicate and wearable seat with PU material. High-resilience sponge can effectively release the pressure at the contact point of the ischium, and prevent the pain of sitting too long. 24cm*27cm(9.4in*10.6in) size provides a comfortable workout experience and let you fall in love with cycling.

LCD Display and Phone Holder: Equipped with LCD display, let you monitor sports data, such as sports time, speed, distance, calories burned and mileage of cycling at any time. Also with a Phone holder, which let you do some entertainment while work out.

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