by Livia von der Heide

If the body is put under too much stress for an extended period of time, or it is not given sufficient time to recover, this can lead to diminished performance in the long run. In the worst case, it can even result in sports injuries. But how can you tell if you’re overtraining? What are the symptoms?

Regeneration – the key to success

Most athletes know that recovery is an important part of training. However, while good in theory, many do not practice it on a regular basis. The first signs of fatigue and overtraining are often ignored.

Especially when training is going really well, we often want to push even harder and not slow down. Running and training makes us happy, euphoric and sometimes downright high — this is what makes exercise so appealing, yet dangerous for the body if taken too far.

There’s a reason that competitive athletes see proper recovery as the key to success. In recreational sports, on the other hand, adequate recovery time is often taken to be less important. Many people have a hard time telling the difference between “a lot” and “too much” training.

After a long or intense run, hill sprints or intervals, symptoms of fatigue are normal up to a certain degree. They can even…

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