By: Jessie Zapotechne, adidas Runners Captain, NYC

Over the past year, we’ve all been through a tremendous amount of change in how we work, live, and take care of ourselves. We have spent a lot more time in isolated experiences and less time around many of our friends, family, and colleagues. It’s shown us how important community is for our physical and mental wellbeing. Having a community means having things like; support, accountability, motivation, good advice, and a sense of universality (not being alone)! When it comes to sports, community is critical to helping you reach health and fitness goals. Teams can push you to work harder, run faster, and unlock motivation that you never knew you had. If you’re not already part of a running or training community, the tips below will help you build one!

What is a Community, Really?

As a coach, community builder, and general people person, I’ve spent a lot of time getting creative about holding and building spaces for people to come together. I believe that a community is a group of like-minded people coming together with shared core values, who give and get energy from the group, and are actively working towards individual and collective goals. A community can be just a few…

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