Race Nutrition to Fuel Your Next Personal Best

How much work have you put into being ready for race day? The early mornings and late nights squeezing in workouts. Being the person who skips dessert and orders water instead of a cocktail. You know who you are: you are an athlete.

And now, you stare into the refrigerator on the morning of race day. You’re full of nerves and anticipation. Unable to make any kind of decision, you wonder what the optimal race nutrition is before your target race.

This race nutrition guide will help you perform at your peak for your next event.

Train Race Nutrition 3-Weeks Before Your Event

Nailing your race nutrition means training your gut and building a routine. Having a nutrition routine means there is nothing new taking up valuable energy on race day. 

Learn the nutrition secrets of world champions.

Training Your Gut for Optimal Race Performance

Know what, when, how often, and how much you’re going to consume during the race. 

Most runners can tolerate 30g of carbs per hour. Most cyclists can tolerate 40g per hour. But did you know that increasing carbohydrate intake will likely lead to improved race performances?[1] For example, cyclists can train their gut to take in 100g of carbohydrates per hour. Runners are limited in carbohydrate intake…

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