Protein Rich Sunbutter Bar Treats

28 May Protein Rich Sunbutter Bar Treats

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by Natalie Jill

“I CANT BELIEVE I ATE THAT” That’s a conversation I never want you to have with yourself ever again….

You see, so many tend to look at food as “good” or “bad” which sets you up for “failure” and being disappointed with yourself.

Here is what I teach my clients and what I use for myself.

FOOD itself is neutral. Your choice and intentions around food can shift.

I never ask myself “is this good or bad” I instead ask:

What will this food DO for me? Are their nutrients in it? Was it once alive and thriving? Is it made with simple nourishing ingredients? And MOST importantly, what am I looking for right now. Like will it bring me energy, nourishment, heal me? Will it fill me up? Will it bring me ENJOYMENT having it (uhhh yeah you are allowed to enjoy your food) and  HOW WILL I FEEL AFTER EATING IT.

For example a large pizza and Reece’s peanut butter cups will give me enjoyment in a moment but uh, afterwards not so much!

Change your conversation around food and ask yourself better questions but stop…

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