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Scosche Rhythm+

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This is the Pro Form Tour de France CBC indoor cycling bike I purchased for $384.99 at my local Costco.
0:00 intro

2:30 unboxing
3:30 very first impressions
4:27 quality impressions
6:40 pedals
9:50 free year of classes
10:50 building
16:26 BUILT
17:15 first impressions
19:46 digital resistance
21:21 max resistance

The first thing that really grabbed my attention about this relatively inexpensive Peloton bike competitor named the ProForm bike was the box says this bike has a feature called “Auto Adjusting Personalized Resistance” which to me sounds like a feature that may be VERY similar to the Peloton Bike Plus digital auto follow resistance. This is not a full proform bike review bout we do look into this costco bike quite a bike and i do give some comparisons and opinions on how it stacks up.

In recent weeks I’ve seen some chatter online about Costco having an indoor cycling bike that is a cheaper alternative to the Peloton bike that costs an arm and a leg. Today started out an ordinary trip to costco, but on the drive there told Sabrina if they had a Peloton bike copycat I was going to buy it.

So without knowing anything about this Pro-Form Tour de France CBC indoor cycling bike I bought it and brought it home to see how it compares against the Peloton bike and the other indoor cycling bikes I have.

Well, make that 6 indoor cycling bikes now, apparently while we were out shopping at Costco, the Sunny bike SB02 and the Joroto X2 got delivered to our front door, which I ordered on Amazon earlier this week so I can review them and compare them the Peloton bike and other popular indoor cycling bikes, more videos on these cheaper peloton bikes coming soon.

Initially I was pretty pumped about the Sunny bike and Joroto bike from amazon being delivered, but ultimately the wording “auto adjusting personalized resistance” on the ProForm Tour de France from costco that this indoor cycling bike got me really excited to see what this was all about so I decided to unbox and build the ProForm CBC tour de france bike first.

This video is an unboxing, building, and first impressions of the ProForm Tour De France CBC from Costco, check the time stamps to skim this video and learn all about how it compares to the Peloton bike plus and my other indoor cycling bikes…(read more)

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