ProForm Bike vs Schwinn IC4 – ProForm Tour de France CBC and Schwinn IC4 review Peloton Alternative

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This isn’t my full Schwinn IC4 review but in this video we compare the Proform Tour de france CBC from costco with the Schwinn IC4 (which is very similar to the bowflex c6) to see what the similarities and differences are in these two highly popular peloton alternative bikes. The Schwinn IC4 costs more then 2x the price of the costco indoor cycling bike, and it’s probably the better bike, but just how much better is the Schwinn IC4 than the costco Proform bike?

In the next few minutes we’ll dive in and do a surface level Schwinn IC4 review as well as a proform bike comparison and see which is the better peloton alternative bike. We’ll explore the Schwinn IC4 flywheel weight, drive train, pedals, max weight, as well as many other important features on the bike. Additionally we’ll take a look at the costco proform tour de france cbc flywheel weight and drive train, and the ifit features as well.

0:00 intro

2:25 max weight
3:00 comfort
4:45 handlebars
5:55 adjustments
7:55 bike seats
8:48 resistance adjustments
11:35 schwinn ic4 screen comparisons
13:50 pedals
16:40 flywheel first comments
20:00 style
20:55 water bottle and weights
21:39 flywheel weight vs
23:45 proform sound and comments
25:21 proform max cadence
27:45 proform max resistance
29:25 schwinn ic4 important comments
31:00 schwinn ic4 noise
31:40 max resistance comparison
33:10 comfort comments
34:10 schwinn ic4 max cadence
35:30 inertia and ride quality comments
36:56 summary

below are some of my raw notes with regards to the homework i did prior to recording this video

ProForm vs Schwinn IC4 review
-mini screen with resistance, cadence, easy to get on and go
-exposed flywheel in front with magnetic resistance, belt drive
-each come with bonuses – 1 year ifit vs heartrate monitor and 3 lb weights, clip in pedals
don’t need to buy a wahoo cadence sensor for either, dont need to add a tablet to either but both have the option

handlebars: height, adjustment with for/aft, more adjustment holes,
Q factor – narrow vs wide crank arms, no comment but perhaps in future videos, please check.
Max weight?

flywheel design, can easily modify max resistance vs probably cant
resistance knob vs not – schwinn ic4 resistance is quick and easy to change, if you don’t use auto resistance change on the proform it is a bit clunky to change resistance
Buttons – one feels more quality
water bottle holders

Overall – ifit vs not ifit or peloton digital app friendly

how long do you plan on using it? Whats your weight? Do you want ifit? Are you planning on getting a heart rate monitor, and do you want to clip in, and do you want weights or do you want a free membership for a while…(read more)

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