ProForm 300 SPX Exercise Bike Review

The ProForm 300 SPX is the best exercise bike on the market today! Unlike most indoor exercise bikes that are built out of cheap plastic and cost way too much, the ProForm 300 SPX is gym-quality (in my opinion) and is made of metal! It was a snap to assemble and I made a ProForm 300 SPX assembly video. Please feel free to check out that video on my channel too! In addition to being well-built, the ProForm 300 SPX comes with many nice features! The seat can adjust up and down, as well as front and back. The handlebars adjust up and down. The pedals come with toe clips. The toe clips can be removed if you prefer and standard bicycle pedals are also compatible with the ProForm 300 SPX. If you want to attach clip-less bicycle pedals to the ProForm 300 SPX you can! In addition to this, the bicycle seat can be replaced with any standard bicycle seat, if you want to do so. The ProForm 300 SPX also comes with a water bottle holder! The ProFrom 300 SPX gets an A+++ rating from me and the only improvement that I’d suggest is a resistance mechanism that does not involve friction pads. The ProForm resistance pads tend to wear out somewhat quickly, if you have the resistance cranked up. If they would include a spare pair of friction pads and/or lower the price of replacement resistance pads then the ProForm 300 SPX would be an ABSOLUTE PERFECT indoor exercise bike. Please share this video with others! Filmed with iPhone 5 camera in 1080P HD.

This excellent spin bike can be purchased directly from ProForm at . The speed of delivery even for standard shipping was super fast for me!..(read more)

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