Pro Snowboarder Red Gerard Shares 15 Savory Songs (and Music Woes)

Predominantly indie rock and a little bit of hip hop, Red Gerard shared a snippet of 15 tracks from a playlist to pick you up without over-delivering on the hype. He even tossed in some off-beat Afro-rock and with a couple of classics. And for Red, that’s perfect.

“I’m kind of all around,” says Red. “I’ll listen to whatever.”

The lineup is of easy-going tracks ranging from familiar John Lennon to the more obscure Amanaz from Zambia. Red’s mix also includes a couple of rap artists, but they are the minority to the primarily American rock sounds. Overall it’s a relaxing list, which makes sense.

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Red’s life is busy. Since winning the 2018 Winter Olympic gold in slopestyle he has been going nonstop. Not only did he film a video part for the snowboard movie “Joy,” but Red has continued to kill it at contests with winning performances; such as the one he threw down at this year’s Dew Tour Copper.

Red doesn’t listen to music when he is riding, though; he is in the moment. And when he is listening to music, it’s never through AirPods.

“I think AirPods are whack,” says Red. “Really, really…

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