Prevent Sports Injuries: Tips for Runners

Did you know that 30-70% of recreational and competitive runners sustain a sports injury during any 1-year period?(1) However, not many runners are aware of what puts them at risk.

When asked about the main cause of running injuries, most runners will reply:

Not stretchingNo warm-up or cool-downThe wrong shoes…

What do you think? A lot of time and money is spent on researching the risk factors that might be the source of sports injuries for so many runners.

Running Risk Factors for Sports Injuries 

Stretching does not help prevent sports injuries and neither does wearing the “perfect” running shoes.(2) At least, according to the latest research.

However, many studies to date do mention a common mistake that is likely putting runners at a considerably higher risk of getting hurt.

And luckily, there is something you can do about it. (Hint: It’s free and easy!)

So, what is the mistake that causes the most running injuries?

The simple mistake that increases runners’ risk of Sports injury

For decades, training load – specifically excessive mileage – has been suspected as one of the causes of running injuries, especially among inexperienced runners.

In other words, doing “too much, too soon” might get you hurt.


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