Preparing for a 24-hour race

24-hour races are beautifully, brutally simple. One circuit. One day. As many laps as possible.

There is something heroic and universally appealing about pushing your body through a full cycle of the earth’s rotation. Unlike most races over a set distance, this ultra-marathon event is a race over time. 24-hour races enable participants to run alongside each other for the entire race, instead of suffering alone, hours behind the leader. Participants often team up to race relay style, but the gold standard remains the solo discipline. 

Completing a 24-hour race requires a combination of physical conditioning, technical preparation, and mental toughness. Getting lapped and lapping others is par for the course, rest is a relative term, and when it comes to calories, it’s cheat day. But this is all part of the thrill.  


For most of history, running was a survival tactic. Besides the occasional burst of youthful energy, extreme exertion was generally avoided. In Victorian England however, a few pain-loving pioneers sparked a newfound passion for feats of endurance. The English Channel was swam, competitive walking drew record crowds, and cyclists raced around a velodrome for 6 days straight.  

Fast forward to…

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