PooBoo Bike Analysis and Comparison!

PooBoo bike – ($50 coupon available)
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This is my opinion of the PooBoo bike. I don’t think I’m going to be able to buy this pooboo indoor cycle, but I know many of you have asked for me to do a pooboo review so I thought I would at least look at it and compare it’s features to many other similar bikes I have reviewed.

First thoughts are this PooBoo indoor cycle is basically the base “bones” as the yosuda bike – which I did buy and review that bike thoroughly:
My YOSUDA bike review:
my Yosuda unboxing and first impressions:
Yosuda vs Peloton:

The PooBoo has one notable difference in comparison to the Yosuda and that’s the pulse sensors on the handlebars. The Sunny 1709 I reviewed had these same style pulse sensors – they worked but I did not trust them as much as my Scosche Rhythm+ armband heart rate monitor.
Sunny 1709 review:
Scosche Rhythm+ HRM video:

This PooBoo bike is a friction resistance bike which isn’t as smooth as magnetic resistance, I did comment a lot more about the differences between friction and magnetic in this video I believe: (friction vs magnetic resistance)

Other bikes similar in price to the PooBoo that I did review and mention in this video are the:
Cyclace bike – (better than yosuda in my opinion)
Joroto X1s – (has cadence)
Echelon EX-15 – (super popular)
Joroto X2 – (good value)
Sunny sf-b1002 – (BEAST mode flywheel)

A roundup of $500 bikes video:

My bottom line on the PooBoo is this bike is an entry level peloton alternative that can definitely get the job done. It’s a good way to buy an inexpensive bike and try out indoor cycling at a much lower price than a peloton or other high end models, and there is no platform commitment aka a recurring monthly fee for cycling classes. You can use peloton digital app or other platforms like apple fitness+ and see what you like. If you really like the PooBoo bike and enjoy indoor cycling you’ll probably get the itch to upgrade to a higher end bike down the proverbial road.

Probably the most important thing you can do is take action and buy a bike and get it in your home and start using it so you don’t let too much time pass by because everyday you wait to buy is another day you could have been making progress toward your goals. That being said I do have a few videos linked above to help you better understand the differences between bikes and help you make a decision. That being said I want you to know my channel is 100% viewer supported, I have no sponsors and I give you unbiased and honest product reviews and recommendations. I post my amazon associate links in this section so if you want to help support my channel at no additional cost to, you can click the links in this description box and if you make a qualifying purchase I may earn a small commission. Thanks for your support, and I’ll see you in my next video!..(read more)

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