Peloton vs Echelon EX4s – COSTCO Echelon bike compared to Peloton Bike Plus!

Echelon EX5: (on sale)
Echelon EX5-S: (massive 22″ screen!)
Today we compare the Peloton bike vs Echelon EX-4s bike which has become highly popular since showing up in COSTCO stores for $1000 plus a free year of the echelon app classes which is a $400 value. If you’re looking at getting a peloton bike or peloton alternatives you may want to entertain the idea of getting the echelon ex4s or similar echelon bike, because the truth is there are a lot of good things about these less expensive peloton bike alternatives. Of course you will not get the peloton app leader board and you’ll be missing out on several other benefits of the real peloton bike plus, but the echelon bike ex4s offers a lot of bang for the buck.

0:00 intro

2:28 mobility
3:37 adjustability comparison
5:33 pedals
6:35 handlebars comparison
8:22 echelon first comments
9:50 echelon inertia comments
10:20 peloton first observations
12:38 resistance comparison
14:08 peloton max resistance
14:50 echelon resistance comments
15:57 echelon LAG issue
16:45 max resistance comparison
19:34 peloton drive train feel
20:35 echelon drive train feel
21:24 summary

This video will give you a in depth look at how the two indoor cycling bikes compare head to head as well as how the max resistance and drive train quality compares between the echelon vs peloton bikes. I have many more in depth videos on each of these two popular indoor cycling bikes, so be sure to browse my channel for more information about either the echelon bike or the peloton bike and don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions that i don’t answer in this video…(read more)

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