Peloton vs Amazon #1 BEST SELLING exercise bike Yosuda

Yosuda bike: (do not click)
How does the Peloton Bike compare to the #1 Best Selling exercise bike on Amazon? There’s no doubt the Peloton bike is the most popular stationary cycling bike, and one of the most expensive bikes too, but how does it compare head to head against the Amazon #1 Best Selling Yosuda stationary exercise bike…
The Yosuda bike currently holds down the top spot as the best selling, not to be confused with the “best bike” sold on amazon and it only costs about $340. As comparison the Peloton bike plus costs almost $2,500 not even counting any of the necessary accessories or the monthly membership fee.
Video on pedals:
how to clip in/out (video):
Wahoo Cadence sensor:
Favorite Heart rate monitor (video, scosche):
Scosche Rhythm+

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Probably not many people are actually trying to decide whether or not to buy one of these bikes or the other, but if you’re in the market for a indoor bike and you’ve skimmed amazon you may be wondering what is so much different about the peloton bike and why it costs so much more than a cheap amazon bike. This video should shed some light n the topic and by the end of this video you’ll probably have a much better idea why the peloton bike costs so much more than a budget friendly diy peloton alternative bike.

0:00 don’t skip this
3:28 metrics comparison
4:50 seats
5:40 pedals and shoes
7:24 handlebars
8:09 speakers
8:45 yosuda wins
9:10 adjustability
10:25 yosuda ride comments
12:40 yosuda max resistance
13:38 peloton bike
15:30 important comments
16:35 yosuda drive train comments
17:35 final thoughts..(read more)

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