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Whether you love them or hate them — everyone knows Peloton. This popular, trend-setting fitness company burst onto the exercise market in 2012 with the “Peloton bike” — an indoor studio bike with a gorgeous 22” android screen attached. Since then, Peloton has added the Tread (treadmill) and other equipment may be in the works — but the bike continues to be their most popular item. Peloton revolutionized the way studio bikes and subscription exercise content are marketed to users.

Peloton offers Live Classes, a competitive Leaderboard, various music selections and abundant content options on a bright 22” touchscreen. The screen features crisp graphics and impressive videography that makes you feel you are part of the class. This is why Peloton is ranked in our Best Exercise Bikes in 2019 and specifically offers the Best Screen Resolution on an exercise bike. The attached 22” touchscreen is crisp and easy to navigate. But it is the subscription classes — up to 14 are streamed live daily — that keeps people using and buying the bike. Class instructors are quasi-celebrities who inspire, push and motivate riders to achieve their best. The Leaderboard that ranks riders by kilojoules also creates an environment of both competition and interaction. No longer do cyclists feel stuck at home alone, spinning mindlessly on an indoor studio bike — with Peloton, riders enter a virtual world of fit, successful professionals all of whom are gleefully willing to pay to be a part of the in-crowd.

The Peloton bike is a well-engineered studio bike. The design is light and airy — it doesn’t feel or look heavy sitting in the corner of your room. The bike itself only weighs 120 pounds and has wheels under the front stabilizer which make it easy to lift and move. It also has magnetic resistance that is silent! There is hardly any noise generated while pedaling. The only noise is from the speakers, which are in the back of the screen (yes, really). But, it is Bluetooth enabled so you can sync your personal headphones with the bike so as not to disturb those around you. One drawback is the Peloton bike has pedals that require a cycling shoe and the Delta LOOK cleats — which adds another cost.

Aside from the 22” touchscreen the bike really doesn’t do anything remarkable, it doesn’t incline or decline, it doesn’t have automated resistance, and if you don’t pay for the monthly subscription, the screen doesn’t do much at all (there is no preloaded free content). But with $39/month you can enjoy hundreds of classes both on and off the bike. All classes are currently studio-based, there are no outdoor routes filmed with a trainer and instruction. (There are silent landscape scenes — but these contain no cycling content). The Peloton trainers are the celebrities — they do an excellent job of engaging both riders at home and those in the studio. There are social connection features such as “high fives” from friends and fellow cyclists, and “shout outs” from the instructors (they can see who is riding in the live classes). There are also “kudos” for those who have achieved certain milestones — your first 10 rides, 50 rides, 100 rides, etc. Add this to the ability to exercise at home on a compact, quiet machine and you have a viable piece of exercise equipment that could actually be useful and not just another wardrobe for hanging old clothes.

The Peloton bike is a comfortable ride. The bike geometry is impressive, the screen is beautiful, the seat is ergonomic, and the app content really is fun and engaging. However, there are other bikes that offer similar content with additional features at a lower price point, so be aware, with Peloton you are paying for the brand. We rank the Peloton bike as one of our best bikes because it is a good bike and people love to be part of the community. Make sure to factor in the $39/month subscription cost and accessories package with shoes and cleats (you can’t ride the bike without them)…(read more)

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