Peloton BIKE+ vs KEISER M3i – Peloton vs Keiser review!

Keiser M3i: (bundle deal)
Today we compare the flagship Peloton Bike Plus vs Keiser M3i head to head. Each of these indoor cycling bikes are very popular and highly respected machines both costing north of $2,000 after tax. While each of these indoor cycling bikes are great tools to accomplish the same aerobic exercise activity, they have very different specs and features. In this video we skim the surface and then dive a bit deeper to see what makes each of
these alternatives to a spin bike unique and which one is right for you.

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The Peloton Bike+ is probably the most popular indoor cycling bike on the market with the company’s heavy handed advertising campaign, but the Keiser m3i is a well known and highly respected commercial grade bike seen in studios and gyms around the country and beyond. The keiser m3i has been around for a long time and has withstood the test of time among its users and studios. The peloton bike+ on the other hand is a relatively new machine to the market designed to primarily be used for home workouts rather than in studios.

0:00 important
1:22 POV tour
4:36 height and weight
6:32 adjustments
7:59 handlebars
8:58 mobility
9:25 durability
10:11 pedals
11:16 metrics
12:26 power accuracy
12:58 keiser m3i ride
15:38 peloton ride
19:43 max resistance
20:01 final thoughts
22:18 which would i choose

Each of these indoor cycling bikes delivers an exceptional drive train feel through very different drive train set ups. The peloton bike flywheel weight is 38 lbs according to all the information I have been able to uncover, while the keiser m3i flywheel weight so 8lbs or in the ballpark of that territory. Obviously with such a huge difference in flywheel weight you would expect the machines to feel different, and they do.

This video breaks down the similarities and differences between the peloton bike vs keiser m3i in a concise and meaningful way to help you learn which is the right indoor cycling bike for you.

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