Passion and Purpose as we age

08 Apr Passion and Purpose as we age

Posted at 15:07h
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by Natalie Jill

Do you feel PASSION and PURPOSE in your life right now?

Or, does it feel like “gamble” daily checking things off the list and dealing with whatever comes your way?

One thing I’m finding in my 50s is it’s increasingly an important topic amongst my friends and clients my age. Feeling like “is this all there is” and reflecting on how the next 1/2 of our lives GET to be.

In my 20s and 30s I swear I lived for others. Being who I THOUGHT I was supposed to be. In my 40s I learned how that just DOES NOT WORK and the disconnects it can create.

And… in my 50s I’m “all in” committed to showing up unapologetic fully in who I am. My gazillion interest, expressions and all.

I want this for you too. It’s full freedom once that clicks

And once it does things start to truly work and respond for us

Our bodiesOur relationshipsOur lives.

Today I got to speak to a powerful group of entrepreneurs on this topic of sharing your authentic self. I was the Key Note Speaker at the Health Growth Network Conference Hosted by Mindshare!

I was…

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