NordicTrack S27i Studio Exercise Bike Review

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The brand new NordicTrack S27i Studio Bike offers the same great ride experience as the s22i, but with a larger touchscreen, improved graphics, quieter incline motor, and more comfortable seat. Like its predecessor, the S27i features automated 20% incline and 10% decline with AutoAdjust, so you can ride hands-free.

This is a top-end machine with innovative features, such as:
AutoAdjust controls resistance and incline, so you can ride hands-free!

30-day free subscription to iFit, with hundreds of classes & biking routes all over the world

27” High Definition touchscreen rotates and tilts for multi-position viewing

Select any outdoor route via Google Maps

Indoor studio-based rides with engaging personal trainers

Other training classes like combo workouts, hills and drills, strength training routines, and even stretching for off the bike.

Bike Features
+20% Incline to -10% Decline that is automated in iFit
The +20% incline to -10% decline is a revolutionary feature on a spin bike. A motor on the rear stabilizer and motorized arm under the pedal crank lift and tilt the bike to simulate outdoor grades.

Silent Magnetic Resistance with 24 Digital Levels and Convenient Handlebar Controls
The S27i has 24 levels of resistance. Specific resistance adjustments are nice on an indoor cycling bike. Many spin bikes have a tension knob, but no specific resistance settings, so you can’t regulate or measure the resistance. It is hugely beneficial to be able to select a specific resistance level on this bike. It translates into more accurate wattage stats and allows the rider to always find the same resistance at the same setting.

32 Pound Inertia-Enhanced flywheel for fluid wheel motion
This feature regulates flywheel motion so the pedal stroke is smooth and uniform throughout the rotation. A break knob at the base of the handlebar stem will slow the flywheel manually. Press down to stop the flywheel at any time.

3 adjustment points to fit most size riders
The seat can be adjusted forward or aft and the saddle stem can also move up and down.

Handlebars can also be adjusted up or down
All adjustment areas (seat post, carriage, and handlebar post) are clearly marked with orange inch measurements so you can find the right position each time.

Touchscreen Controls for incline and resistance
In addition to the QuickTouch controls on the extension grips, you can easily manipulate resistance and incline on the large 27” touchscreen. The QuickTouch controls only feature and buttons, so the screen display is nice for instant readout.

Compact footprint doesn’t take up much space
Indoor exercise equipment can be heavy and large. The NordicTrack S27i Studio Cycle is a fantastic machine with a remarkably small footprint. Standing just 57” long and 65” high, it provides great training options in a compact piece of equipment.

Two fans are attached at the bottom of the screen
The fan built into the screen on the S27i is a must-have for me! The fans produce good airflow and are situated at just the right height.

0:00 – Introduction
0:39 – Construction Overview
5:29 – Console Overview
6:25 – iFit Overview
12:39 – Functionality Overview
13:34 – Incline/Decline Demo
15:13 – Max Resistance Demo
17:29 – Does The Screen Wobble?
18:53 – Conclusion

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